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Elevating Education

Our goal at Eledu is to provide meaningful and enjoyable education for everyone. Learn or teach 21st century skills through 21st century design. 

For teachers

Teach your content by using today’s technologies.

For students

Motivational and enjoyable ways of learning important competencies.

For administration

E-learning infrastructure that keeps track of all sort of things.

Our goal

Make education meaningful and enjoyable

Help your Humans

Education begins and ends with people. Making sure your teachers and students have the support they need is the surest path to successful learning.

Design your Learning

Quality content and curricula is not enough. Learning happens in a collaborative setting, designing for productive interactions will make a productive classroom.

Trust your Technology

Technology alone will not help your students. Truting your ICT means understanding your teachers’ and students’ needs, then designing systems to support them.

What we can do

Providing knowledge of 21st century skills 

For teachers

– Real-time diagnostic feedback
– Integrated pedagogy formations
– Shared lesson plans and materials
– Time to engage with your students

For students

– Integrated, interdisciplinairy courses
– Motivating projects with tangible outcomes
– Realtime constructive feedback
– Structured peer learning

For administration

– Higher student engagement
– Interdisciplinary competency-based curriculum design
– Modular and scalable e-learning infrastructure
– Automated student progress reports

 The TECH standard

For responsible and effective innovation

In an ever-evolving world each of us will be a lifelong student. We at Eledu developed the TECH standard to demistify digitization. With experience in basic professional development and technical innovation, we help you prepare for whatever is next.

Technical                                          how does it work?
Ethical                                      we can, but should we?
Commercial                        what is our viable model?
Human                                   why would people care?



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Contributing towards

THE SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)

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