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Education Before Technology

A human-centered approach to ICT integration.

TECH standard

Digitization is disrupting society across the board and education is no exception, learning institutions need to adapt. But education is about forming humans not developing software.  Considering these 4 perspectives can help you find the right ICT solution for your institution:


By looking at your ICT integration through the balanced lens of TECH you can find affordable solutions that benefit students, teachers, and your institution alike.

The standard for grounded innovation


How does it work?

ICT integration has the potential to benefit your institution, but it can also overwhelm with unforeseen costs and constraints.  Simple & incremental adoption is ideal.

How is it implemented?

Does your teaching staff have the technical skills to easily adopt this technology?


Does it make use of pre-existing infrastructure?

Does the proposed solution integrate with your existing IT infrastructure?


Are you closing yourself in?

Can this solution be adapted and scaled to grow with your institution?


You can, but should you?

There are many technologies and services you could use in your institution, but many come with unforeseen consequences for your students and community.

What happens to your user data?

Are you exposing your students and teachers to data-rights violations?

Does user data generate auxiliary profit?

Is your institution’s data being used for someone else’s profit?

Who controls your education?

Are you sacrificing your institution’s autonomy in exchange for convenience?


Is this financially viable?

ICT integration is expensive, and the costs can outweigh the benefits.  Make sure you can afford your solution without straining your resources or un-necessary sacrifice.

Is ICT the highest value investment?

Are there non-technical investments that will have a higher impact?

What is the cost-structure?

How does the cost change as adoption & use increases?

Are your eggs in one basket?

Ed-tech is complex and can have below-expected results, are you prepared for this outcome?


Does the “ED” come before the “TECH”?

Human interaction is the path to truly personalized education.  Technology’s role in the classroom should be to encourage and complement off-line learning.

Does your solution free teachers' time?

Are you simply trading teachers’ time on paperwork for time on computer work?

Does it make pedagogical sense?

Is your ICT solution part of a grounded and wholistic pedagogy?

Can students own their education?

Do students have agency over their progress and learning environment?

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